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Secure messaging compendium

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Talks and specs

In general, some of the links are dated 2015 whereas the protocol has moved to version 6 by now..

Status notes and usages

Push notification

PSS - postal service over swarm

  • Swarm PSS - architectural notes, crucial quote: Optionally routing can be turned off, forcing the message to be sent to all peers, similar to the behavior of the whisper protocol.
    PSS = bzz whispered - initial PSS idea description
    PSS hacking - Group chat using mutable resources from Mainframe / PSS

Related ETH projects

  • Mainframe - Swarm/PSS user?
  • Bloom - whisper use-cases
  • Origin - distributed log-based messenger, as well as an IPFS-based replicated log database

Secure messaging - Non-ethereum

  • Building a secure messenger - EFF
  • Tox - distributed secure chat, DHT-based P2P lookup with lots of clients
  • Briar - messaging app employing several censorship-resitance techniques, like direct device-to-device comms (bluetooth, wifi), tor routing,
  • FireChat - mesh comms, closed source
  • Wire - Open source messenger with lots of transparency around security
  • Vuvuzela - metadata-leak-resistant chat protocol / application, also alpenhorn that takes care of contact setup / key exchange
  • cwtch - extension of the Ricochet protocol that provides asynchronous, offline and multi-party metadata resistant messaging
  • Scuttlebutt - open source, p2p replicated ledgers. 3 year old ecosystem, in active use. Offline friendly. Recent Android app (runs peer instance)

Security / encryption

Alternate protocol

  • Salsify - real-time Internet video that jointly controls a video codec and a network transport protocol

PSS Open issues

  • Mutable resources, how to find last message? binary search?
  • Swap incentives?
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