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Now is the time to create a first extension.


Extensions are currently installed by QR code or URL.

Once an extension is deployed via the fiddle, a unique QR code and universal link are generated for its IPFS hash.

To install the extension in Status:

  1. Open the profile screen
  2. Enable Development mode
  3. Open the Extensions tab
  4. Tap the + icon
  5. Enter the extension’s URL or scan its QR code

Extension installation


First get familiar with the syntax and decide what extension type you want to rely on.
Then look at existing examples to get some inspiration and basis.
Finally use the fiddle to create and publish your extension.

The general development workflow consists of:

  • hack your extension in the playground
  • once you are satisfied (and no errors are left), click publish
  • scan the newly added QR code from status
  • test your extension

Repeat this flow until you are happy with your extension! It can then be shared using the full playground URL (including your extension hash).

DISCLAIMER Note that currently there are no debugging facility. Extensions have to be manually tested on a real device.

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