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Google Breakpad Integration


Since Google’s Breakpad library requires depot tools to checkout sources from source control and build dedicated tools used to analyze generated minidumps files, repackaged version with pure breakpad library source code to be compiled along with application sources was added into repo.

google-breakpad repo also contains CMake files for easy integration with applications based on react-native-desktop.

After crash occurs and intercepted by breakpad it creates minidump file with useful crash related information. Extracting human readable information from minidump file format requires running of minidump_stackwalk tool with specially pre-generated symbol files on application binaries.

Getting readable stack trace from user submitted files

  1. Original breakpad repository should be checked out on dev machine and built locally. ( )

  2. Use dump_syms tool to generate symbols file from Status binary file submitted by user:

$google-breakpad/src/tools/linux/dump_syms/dump_syms ./Status > Status.sym
$head -n1 Status.sym

Above command output may looks something like:

MODULE Linux x86_64 6EDC6ACDB282125843FD59DA9C81BD830 Status

To structure symbols file correctly you can do following next:

$mkdir -p ./symbols/Status/6EDC6ACDB282125843FD59DA9C81BD830
$mv Status.sym ./symbols/Status/6EDC6ACDB282125843FD59DA9C81BD830

  1. Generate readable stack trace pointing to the place with crash by running minidump_stackwalk tool on minidump file submitted by user with passing the path to previously generated symbol files:

$google-breakpad/src/processor/minidump_stackwalk 09fd98ec-d55c-29e1-4ae067b0-4aaec0d6.dmp ./symbols

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