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Run Our Analytics Yourself and See What You Discover


sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install python-dateutil

TODO: -1 vs -2 trailing /

TODO: Should just work in dir and go everywhere there

./ ~/git-analytics/crypto/bitcoin/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/ccxt/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/go-ethereum/ 
~/git-analytics/crypto/litecoin/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/lnd/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/mist/ 
~/git-analytics/crypto/parity/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/solidity/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/status-react/ 
~/git-analytics/crypto/web3.js/ > crypto-mac.csv
scp blue:~/git-analytics/crypto/crypto-mac.csv .
cat foo.csv | pbcopy


  • TODO: Make absolute time graph 2 MAC automated with right time period (no manual excel stuff)
  • TODO: Do MAC on biggest OSS like with Crypto OSS
  • TODO: Write script for automatically checking M3 retention
  • TODO: Do M3 retention check for Crypto/biggest OSS

Crypto OSS

oskarth@blue:~/git-analytics$ cat crypto-list.txt


Selection of that seems to be real projects (not just random docs) and have lots of contributors. Based on first two pages quick scanning:

Also using:

TODO: Easy -24m do
TODO Manually clone: random:

for i in $(cat list.txt); do git clone $i; done

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